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2017-04-15 07:07 pm
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Shinki Information

CHARACTER: Asato Tsuzuki
CANON: Yami no Matsuei
His name is on his lower back.
VESSEL FORM: A large metal ladle
POWER: When his vessel form is used to dip up any liquid, that liquid will gain the ability to promote healing, purify blight and refresh anyone who consumes it as though they've had a good night's sleep and a full meal.
GOD: Konohanasakuya-hime (Sakura)
CAUSE OF DEATH: Tsuzuki was killed by the flames of his own shikigami, Touda, who he called in order to destroy Muraki's underground laboratory and kill himself and Muraki in the ruins of the lab.
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2016-10-07 10:29 am
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Tsuzuki's temple is a large traditionally Japanese-style family home, with tiled roof and a plaster-and-beam exterior. (image reference) It's two stories tall; the ground floor has a large sitting room (image reference), a dining room (image reference) a kitchen and a few tatami rooms, one of which Tsuzuki has commandeered as his bedroom. The upstairs rooms are mainly bedrooms.

The interior is a mix of modern and traditional styles, eclectically furnished; Tsuzuki keeps it decorated with brightly colored flower arrangements from his garden flowers.

His temple is surrounded by a fairly large yard filled with a riot of brightly colored flowers; cosmos, sunflowers, snapdragons, tulips and columbine feature heavily in the sunnier areas of the yard, with hydrangea and azalea bushes around the house. There is a row of sour orange trees along the back wall that perfume the air throughout the temple when they're flowering.

At the edge of the property is a medium-high (5') wall with a front gate that stands open at all times.
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2016-02-11 07:49 pm
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CHARACTER SERIES: Yami no Matsuei (Descendants of Darkness)


Backtagging: Yes! I'm always happy to backtag.
Threadhopping: Any open 'forum' thread is totally open for threadhopping, poke me first if you want a character to jump in on an in-person thread but I'll probably be cool with that too.
Fourthwalling: I'd rather Tsuzuki didn't get fourth-walled (though if your character would reasonably know his canon, I'd be up for talking about it.)
Offensive subjects (elaborate): N/A


Hugging this character: Yes please. Tsuzuki needs more hugs in his life.
Kissing this character: Platonic cheek or forehead kisses are totally fine. Spontaneous smooching of a more romantic variety is likely to freak him out, which is perfectly fine with me. Muahaha.
Flirting with this character: Go for it: he'll flirt back until he starts wondering if it's not a joke, and then he'll become uncomfortable.
Fighting with this character: Absolutely fine! Tsuzuki is much more likely to start a fight in defense of someone else than he is to defend himself against attacks, but he can get very angry if you pick the right topics. He's also barely able to throw a punch without breaking his own hand, so have fun.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Any level of injury is OK and you do not need to clear it with me before your character attempts to injure him. He is capable of regenerating and no matter what your character does it's probably canon that he has had worse.
Killing this character: Plot with me first!
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Tsuzuki does have some ability to limit what mind readers can get from him, but he's also highly susceptible to mind games, easily manipulated and not himself telepathic/psychic. His state of mind is often not what he's showing on the surface, so if your character's trying to read him, poke me and I'll be sure to include extra information to clarify for their abilities!

Warnings: Tsuzuki has a history of depression, alcohol abuse, self-harm and suicide attempts. Alcohol abuse and self-harm are particularly likely to come up in threads if Tsuzuki is in a bad state of mind, and his divine ability involves using his own blood to heal others' injuries, so he may also cut himself in order to employ that ability.

His canon includes instances of rape, murder, torture, medical abuse/torture, sexually sadistic killings, demonic possession, child abuse and neglect, mind control and body horror. None of this is likely to come up in a thread because Tsuzuki himself finds it all horrifying and awful, but please let me know if there's anything you want me to specifically avoid when threading with you!
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2016-02-06 11:16 pm
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Player Information

Name: Kira
Contact: Plurk
Age: 33
Other Characters: Cho Hakkai and Dana Scully

Character Information

Name: Asato Tsuzuki
Canon: Yami no Matsuei
Canon Point: End of Kyoto arc
Age: 97; as a god of death, he died at the age of 26 over 70 years ago and has not visibly aged since that time.

History: Here!

Personality: Tsuzuki is a mess of contradictions. Soft-hearted and compassionate towards others, he can't manage to let go of his own sense of guilt over anything. He's a careless bumbler who takes his work more seriously than anyone realizes. He'll forgive people for anything they do to him, but he'll hold a grudge forever if they offend his sense of justice.

At the core of his personality is his own deep self-doubt and self-hatred. Childhood mockery, rejection, and abuse from the other children in the town cemented his feelings of not fitting in. Tsuzuki sees himself as a monster. To him, his stunning purple eyes are the sign of his basically inhuman nature. When Muraki corners him and tells him that he believes Tsuzuki's eyes are the sign of some kind of demonic heritage, it's a shattering blow that drives a drunken Tsuzuki to try to put his own eye out with a piece of broken concrete that evening. Despite the cheerful demeanor he usually affects, Tsuzuki's ability to cope is very, very fragile. Anything that strikes at his guilt, his fear of rejection, or his sense of his own humanity has the capacity to send him into a dangerous downward spiral (especially if he's been drinking, which tends to make him even more volatile than usual.)

His self-hatred exists in an uneasy balance with his abiding love of and compassion for other people. He does the most he can to help everyone he encounters in his job as a Shinigami. In fact, he's deeply in debt to the god who determines the length of human lives for the extra time he begs to let dying people accomplish their final goals. The deepest regret of Tsuzuki's existence is that he, who chose to end his own life, is now in a position where he continues to exist in order to end the life of people who desperately want to survive. Since there's no way for him to leave his position -- his work record is abysmal, he's deeply in debt and Enma, king of Hell, isn't about to just let him skip on into the cycle of reincarnation -- he's forced to continue taking souls to the afterlife, even though he does everything he can to help them and make it easy on them. The only person who he really hates is a fellow Shinigami, Terazuma, who was once Tsuzuki's partner and who despised Tsuzuki for being 'weak' due to his devotion to helping the people whose souls he's sent to collect. It's the one thing Tsuzuki's usual forgiving nature can't accept: not just that Terazuma isn't interested in helping people (most of the other Shinigami aren't, and Tsuzuki still gets along well with them) but that he thinks caring about those people is a sign of weakness. Tsuzuki's sense of right and wrong is surprisingly ironclad. While he forgives wrongdoers easily, because he sees himself as having done worse than anyone else, he can't forgive people who don't think that hurting others is wrong.

But that darker, confused inner self isn't the face that Tsuzuki prefers to show to the world. He hides it deep under a facade of a happy-go-lucky, dumb, and gluttonous incompetent. Always ready with a wink and an inappropriate comment, he makes friends with ease and is rarely taken seriously. He loves food (although he's such a bad cook that it's actually a public hazard), vacations, gardening, ballroom dancing, and animals. He sings old ballads at karaoke and hates paperwork. Although Tsuzuki prefers to act the careless twentysomething, he has an old man's depth of experience and personality. His emotions and reactions are intense, and tend to break out suddenly from his attempts to hide them, meaning that he can go from apparently cheerful to panicking or tantruming in an instant at the wrong provocation. Although rejection and failure hurt him badly, he seems unable to stop himself from opening up to and caring for almost everyone he spends time with.

Tsuzuki's very good at faking casual cheer, after decades of experience. He's socially savvy and has a keen eye for reading the mood of a room, making him good at undercover work. He'd be better if he had any skill for improvising, but he tends to panic and babble when caught off guard. When he's comfortable, though, he seems to deliberately encourage people to underestimate him… either because it lets him cover the fact that he's undermining his own missions in order to save people, or because it gets him out of doing the really tough jobs. Although his emotional reactions are intense when they do break through the cheerful act, Tsuzuki can usually put the mask back in place again before too long. It's always hard to tell how much of what he shows on the surface is genuine; probably only his latest partner Hisoka, who is literally psychic, can do it. Even then, Tsuzuki has so much practice faking emotions that he seems to even manage to make Hisoka think he's more okay than he really is at times.

The other thing hidden behind Tsuzuki's mask of cheerful incompetence is a surprising degree of competence. He's incredibly powerful, and when it comes to an open fight he's courageous, self-sacrificing and quick on his feet. He's a skilled magician and intimately familiar with the ins and outs of afterlife politics and Shikigami diplomatic relations. Despite his oblivious act, he's observant, and possessed of a good investigative instinct and a sharp mind. He's no infallible genius -- he can be fooled, he can be misled, and when his emotions get involved he has a long track record of screw-ups -- but after seventy years in the job, even the most reluctant Shinigami gets a nose for the work.

Magical (Note - Tsuzuki's magic is traditional onmyojutsu, a Taoist tradition of sorcery and divination brought from China to Japan around 1,500 years ago. It's performed using incantations. gestures and spells written on slips of paper or physical objects.)
Creating shields capable of holding up to concerted assault by powerful supernatural beings (these can work as traps to hold them in as well as barriers to keep them out.)
Creating small magical shikigami (summon spirits) out of folded paper that can carry messages or spy for him.
Exorcism of demon-possessed people or objects.
Summoning more powerful shikigami - he has contracts with twelve of the most powerful beings in the spirit world, who appear to do his bidding. These shikigami are independent, sentient beings who exist in their own world in between being summoned, so I assume that these summoning contracts would be severed by his being dragged to a different world entirely.

Powers shared by all death gods
Traveling back and forth between the human world and the afterlife
Being visible or invisible to humans at will (when invisible, he still has effects on the physical world, like leaving footprints, and can't pass through solid objects -- he has to open doors to get through them.)
Ability to fly.
Ability to regenerate from any wound - although they have an apparently living and solid form, the only way to kill a death god is to literally destroy every cell in their body. Tsuzuki had the ability to heal injuries with unusual speed even before his death, and he seems to heal more quickly than other death gods even now.

Mundane skills
General computer skills/office work skills c. the mid-90s.
Investigative skills, including undercover work, strong deductive skills, and good intuition.
Gardening, especially growing flowers.

Despite his magical skills, Tsuzuki has minimal physical fighting abilities -- he's fairly fit but he can barely throw a punch.

Strengths: Empathetic, compassionate, observant, intuitive, forgiving.
Weaknesses: Self-hating, careless, lacks foresight, easily manipulated, volatile

God/Shinki: Shinki
Why?: Tsuzuki is most comfortable following the lead of more dynamic personalities. Although he can put his foot down and he does have a fair amount of expertise, he's not a long-term thinker and he has real trouble with initiative and planning outside of day-by-day needs. (Also, he's been a god, and it didn't work for him long-term…)
Cause Of Death: Killed by the flames of his shikigami Touda in Muraki's underground lab.
Vessel: A large, metal ladle
Name Location: On his lower back
Power: When his vessel form is used to dip up any liquid, that liquid will gain the ability to promote healing, purify blight and refresh anyone who consumes it as though they've had a good night's sleep and a full meal.

Writing Sample

Sample: Beep. Beep. Beep beep beep beep-

A hand emerged from the pile of blankets and slapped the tatami mat three inches to the left of the sounding alarm. It fell over, still beeping. The hand crabwalked in its direction, found the 'sleep' button, and beat it mercilessly into submission.

With a jaw-cracking yawn, Tsuzuki Asato sat up, rubbing morning bleariness out of his eyes. He was not prone to hatred, but there were times when he really hated his alarm clock. Why couldn't it ever go off in the middle of a bad dream? Why did it have to start blaring at him just when he was about to reach for a gorgeous buffet table full of the best gourmet desserts...?

His stomach growled, and he grumbled. The wisps of his dream were already clearing away. Going back to sleep now wouldn't get him any Michelin-starred dream cake, so he might as well get up.

Wouldn't Tatsumi and Hisoka be surprised to see him on time this morning! If he was on time. He fumbled the clock upright. Seven o'clock: better than on time. He'd only hit the snooze button three or four times this morning. Going light on the sake last night had helped, even if it was really just so that he would have a little money left over to last until the next paycheck.

Scratching his neck, he stumbled in the direction of the kitchen. A mirror caught his eye on the way, stopping him dead in his tracks. How sleeping on his back did that to the side of his hair he had no idea, but a bit of earnest finger-combing had it lying more or less flat again. Good enough-

As he turned away to take the last few steps towards the kitchen, a glint of red caught his eye from the mirror. Reflex spun him around, tightened his hands on the edge of the little hall table. Just his face, nothing more, messy dark hair and wide purple eyes and pillow wrinkles printed in reverse on one cheek. That was all.

"I'm seeing things," he said out loud, trying a laugh. It was shaky. Was it his imagination again, or was there a scarlet sheen on the glass? Red in those purple irises?

Tsuzuki stared at the mirror as the minutes crept past. Finally, he was convinced it was gone. Nothing. The remnants of some worse dream than the dessert table, maybe, but there was no real blood on his face this morning.

The laugh he let out as he turned back to the kitchen was just as hollow as the first one, but he didn't stop this time. Rummaging around in the cabinet, he made too much noise, the dull clicks and clinks of pottery filling his silent kitchen. The rice cooker was blinking six hours, rice he'd dumped in before rolling into bed last night steaming and a little crusty on top. Good enough. He scooped it into a bowl, fishing out clean chopsticks from the dish rack in the sink. Was that really mold on the bottom? Bleach, he needed to get some bleach. He'd write that down later. Maybe his landlady would let him borrow some. He'd been a loyal tenant for how many years now? And he was almost always on time with the rent….

Sucking on his bottom lip to get rid of some rice stuck there, Tsuzuki leaned back against the counter and stared up at the ceiling. White plaster water-damaged in the corner, a bit of marinara and some oil drops staining it over the stove. Most of it was all too familiar. Old and boring. The spaghetti sauce was from last month, when he'd invited Hisoka over for dinner and his partner had showed up with two big bags of groceries and ordered Tsuzuki to garlic-bread duty. The bread had gotten singed, and ended up tasting a little like fish because he hadn't scrubbed out the grill quite well enough, and Tsuzuki had been the one stuck eating all of it. Hisoka's spaghetti had been pretty good, though.

His chopsticks clicked on the bottom of his bowl, and he set both down in the not-washed-yet side of the sink. Time to go get ready for work. Paperwork again, though hopefully there'd be donuts. Watari had just finished up some mess with a would-be necromancer down in Osaka, and he might've picked up some sweets for the office while he was at it.

And paperwork beat the other options, boring though it was. No meeting scheduled today, not unless-

The phone rang. Tsuzuki closed his eyes. Not unless something new came in, he finished the thought, and leaned over to rummage his cell out of the pocket of his coat.

"Hey, Tsuzuki speaking," he answered, running his free hand absently through his hair again. "...yeah, I'm at home. Seven-thirty?" He pulled the phone away and glanced at it. Seven-fifteen. "I might be a little late. What's up?"

Tatsumi's voice continued, tinny through the phone lines, for several seconds, Tsuzuki absently following along with "sure" and "uh-huh" at all the right times while he strode to the bathroom to grab a clean shirt and yesterday's suit off the hanger.

"-I can make it at seven-forty," he said at last. "See you."

He left the phone on the side of the sink, splashing water on his face before he stripped off his pajamas and shrugged into the shirt. Tatsumi hadn't given him much information; he turned over what he had, pulling pants on and knotting tie in decades'-long habit. Three young women on the death record, dying together in a car accident. Souls missing. --Medical intervention, stubbornness, magical intervention, he tallied the possibilities. Well, he could always hope for number one. A white coat and a pulled plug was about as clean as the job ever got. Too bad that Tatsumi wouldn't have called him if that were what it looked like.

Wait for the briefing, he told himself, wait for the pictures and the details. Then try not to think about who had been behind the faces, or why someone might have cheated death to hold them in the world of the living.

Tsuzuki shrugged his suit coat on, tugging on the lapels. He had practice with that, too. Time to go off and kill three teenagers: one more day on the job.

He turned out to be fifteen minutes late.


Anything Else?: Nope!
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2016-02-05 08:18 pm
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[information for The Far Shore]

Healing blood: his blood can heal others by being smeared on their injuries, and drinking it can heal illness.
Shinto (Japanese)
Lilka Eleniak [personal profile] fizzipocus
Shinki Form: An umbrella
Vessel Name: Enki (炎器)
Shinki Ability: Fire Imprisonment
A prayer for quiet
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2016-02-05 07:43 pm
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Hey! This is Tsuzuki Asato! Thanks for calling!

Leave a message after the --

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2015-09-01 03:50 pm
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[OOC || concrit post!]

Am I doing it right?

Concrit, cookies and smacks upside the head go here as necessary. Comments screened, anonymous enabled!
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2009-12-31 09:54 pm

[007 | video, Japanese]

[The image swings by a ceiling and the corner of a wall before focusing on Tsuzuki, who's tugging at his tie to loosen it just a little. He grins nervously.]

Uh... Okay, ready?

[That said, he launches into a rendition of Boukyou Jonkara that totally makes up for an unpracticed voice with enthusiasm. Really. Or at least he's clearly convinced that it does.]

[And in English, because he can:]

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2009-12-26 10:48 am
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[006 | audio, Japanese]

Hey, Kagetsuya! It looks like I'll be able to show you how to take care of plants a little early. Did you get one of the seedlings too?

Haha, actually, if anyone doesn't want theirs, I can keep it ♥ With just one person in this apartment, there's plenty of space for pots! And I definitely don't want any of these little guys wilting....
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2009-12-22 04:34 pm

[005 | audio, Japanese]


Owww! Hey! What the heck? This stupid thing just-- whoa, is it recording?

Forget you just heard that, okay? ♥

Uh, anyway... that is, I... um. There was something I was going to say - oh! Right! Whoever put up all the mistletoe, it really looks great. I'm surprised you found so much greenery! Really festive, though, and romantic ♥

...I really think a coat of paint would look better, though. No offense meant!

[Tsuzuki is wandering the halls of the high school with his communicator. Feel free to run into him~]
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2009-12-06 12:45 am

[004 | text]

...Lots of things happening tonight.

My sympathies to the friends of those two.

And just asking, but - I didn't think the monsters were that dangerous. Do they usually kill people?

[fail!locked to Muraki]

Sensei, I believe you mentioned something about removing chips... have you done it often?
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2009-12-02 09:04 pm

[003 | text]

Satonaka-san and I were talking the other day, and as far as we can tell, nobody's organized a welcome committee around here. What with all the monsters and all the things newbies need to hear, we really ought to have one! Just to find the new people, tell them what's going on and walk them over to someplace safe like the high school, because getting chased by monsters on your first day sucks.

... So, I know I'm too new here to do it I don't think I've even heard everything yet but does anybody want to help us out by listing all the stuff new arrivals ought to know?

We're taking volunteers too ♥ People who can fight off monsters would be great!
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2009-11-28 10:11 am

[002 | Japanese, voice]

Oh hey, I haven't used this thing in a while, have I? ...Somebody said something about shocks the other day...

--looks like it's not shocking me, though! Haha, safe. So! Uh. I had a reason to post this, actually. Anybody around here know if there's somewhere I can crash? It looks like I'm not getting sent home anytime soon, and trying to find spots in those buildings without monsters just isn't working out great for me. It doesn't have to be nice or anything! Just, you know. Someplace where I don't have to sneak away from those stupid dog things at two in the morning.

And does all the food around here come in cans or from the soup kitchen? ...Um, that is to say. Anywhere a guy might be able to barter for some pie~?
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2009-11-16 10:07 am
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[FOURTH WALL | voice/commentlogs welcome!]

Man, it's noisy out there.

...Is this normal? I was trying to sleep in....

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2009-11-15 09:34 pm
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[001 | voice, Japanese]

...mmmmrphjsone more minute.... where's the...

Whoa. What happened to the hotel? This definitely isn't Nagasaki anymore.

Watari! You'd better not have cooked this up with the Gushoshin. I'm gonna tell Tatsumi he's giving you too much funding. Come on, this thing's way too weird-looking to be a cell phone. I know it was you!

...Watariiii get me out of here this place is creepy. I haven't had breakfast! I can't explore some weird ghost town without at least a cinnamon roll to fortify me! Besides, Hisoka's in my bed and he's not even going to know where he is when he wakes up, and it's not nice to do that to a new kid. It's totally not my fault that he got drunk, by the way. He did that all on his own.
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2009-08-26 06:29 pm

[26 | voice, Japanese | backdated to Monday]

... Ow, my head. Um-- I, uh, I hope I haven't been gone too - shit!

[Locked from Muraki]

Hope I haven't been gone too long! And I'm gonna be getting out of here as fast as I can. It's not still snowing out there, is it?

[Locked to Hisoka]

I'm - I'm sorry about that. [rustling of cloth and footsteps in the background as he speaks] I really didn't think I was going to get sick... What happened? I don't remember a lot of it. What day is this?
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2009-08-20 09:10 pm

[25 | voice, Japanese | locked from Muraki]

So... um. [He coughs.] I'm not feeling... all that well. Uh - I think I'm just gonna... hole up until this gets better.

If anybody needs me, talk to Hisoka, I guess? Or Joshua. Speaking of which, Joshua, I hope to see you tonight.

... [ulp] U-um that said see you all in a couple of days bye!

[and the communicator cuts off almost in time to completely skip the sound of retching.]

[ooc; Tsuzuki's had his chip removed and is in the initial stages of infection.]
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2009-08-09 07:47 pm

[24 | voice, Japanese | locked from Muraki]

--Ow! M-man, how long has it been?

Guess I shouldn't have left this thing in my coat pocket... Oh, hey, Watari, I'm running low on canned soup up here. Do you have any lying around? It's good for fevers, right?

Hisoka, want a glass of water? Blanket? Bedtime story? ♥ Don't worry, you'll be feeling better soon~!
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2009-07-10 10:09 pm

[23 | voice, Japanese]

( private to YnM shinigami )

Hisoka's in bad shape. I need help getting him to the hospital.

( private to Muraki )

Wasn't once enough?