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Tsuzuki's temple is a large traditionally Japanese-style family home, with tiled roof and a plaster-and-beam exterior. (image reference) It's two stories tall; the ground floor has a large sitting room (image reference), a dining room (image reference) a kitchen and a few tatami rooms, one of which Tsuzuki has commandeered as his bedroom. The upstairs rooms are mainly bedrooms.

The interior is a mix of modern and traditional styles, eclectically furnished; Tsuzuki keeps it decorated with brightly colored flower arrangements from his garden flowers.

His temple is surrounded by a fairly large yard filled with a riot of brightly colored flowers; cosmos, sunflowers, snapdragons, tulips and columbine feature heavily in the sunnier areas of the yard, with hydrangea and azalea bushes around the house. There is a row of sour orange trees along the back wall that perfume the air throughout the temple when they're flowering.

At the edge of the property is a medium-high (5') wall with a front gate that stands open at all times.


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Tsuzuki Asato